Jose Blas

FRAE Somos Red Social

FRAE SOMOS The Andalusian Public Gov social network for entrepreneurs was created with the objective of improving communication and collaboration among localized centers that help entrepreneurs and small companies launch their projects.

As a software analyst and designer, I was involved in various stages of the project, from facilitating ideation workshops to managing the team that developed the final product.

Below are some of the use cases that I worked on for this project:

  1. Facilitating Ideation Workshops: As a UX designer, I facilitated ideation workshops to gather feedback and ideas from the stakeholders, including local entrepreneurs and support centers. Through these workshops, we were able to identify the key features that would be essential to the success of the social network.

  2. Delivering Technical Documents for Functional Design: After gathering feedback from the workshops, I worked on creating technical documents for the functional design of the social network. This included creating user personas, user journeys, and wireframes to define the various features of the network.

Final documents

  1. Creating Mockups and Prototypes: I created mockups and prototypes to help visualize the design of the social network. This allowed the stakeholders to get a better idea of how the social network would function and helped to identify any potential issues early on in the development process.

  2. Managing the Development Team: I managed the team of people who were responsible for developing the final product. This included coordinating their efforts, tracking their progress, and ensuring that the development was on track with the project timeline.


  1. Setting Up a Tracking and Measuring Strategy: To ensure that the social network was meeting its objectives, I set up a tracking and measuring strategy. This included identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and using analytics to track user engagement and activity on the social network.

  2. Testing and Iterating: We tested and iterated through several versions of the social network to ensure that it met the needs of the stakeholders. Through user testing and feedback, we were able to identify areas for improvement and refine the features of the product/


Finally, the new social network was deployed to users and tested for usability and effectiveness. The users was thrilled with the results, and the centers now had a much easier time communicating and sharing the information they needed. The staff at SOMOS also found it much easier to update and maintain their information, thanks to the UX designer’s work.

Jose Blas

Expert in Software & Design.

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