Jose Blas

Product Designer at Healios

As a member of the product team at Healios, I played a pivotal role in several significant product design and development initiatives that enhanced both user engagement and regulatory compliance. Below is a summary of my key achievements:

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Gained insights from neurologists, data scientists, and business managers to enhance product designs.
  • User Interface Redesign: Led the redesign of the medical device‚Äôs user interface incorporating feedback from diverse stakeholders.
  • Usability Engineering: Improved usability documentation to ensure MDR compliance, enhancing overall user experience.
  • Design System Development: Worked on a comprehensive design system that improved design consistency across products.
  • Adoption Campaigns: Developed and executed campaigns that successfully increased user compliance and adoption rates.
  • Professional Development: Earned a certificate in Usability Engineering for Medical Devices, furthering my expertise in the field.

Interdisciplinary Insights

Working alongside a broad spectrum of professionals, including data scientists, neurologists, developers, business managers, and the product team (comprising product owners, managers, business analysts, and designers), I gained valuable interdisciplinary insights that enhanced the team’s initiatives.

User Interface Redesign

My collaboration with experts in neurology and data science was crucial in the redesign of the medical device’s user interface. This project involved integrating sensor data to create biomarkers and track neurological disease progression through 18 mobile games, contributing to a more user-centric product.

Workshop Leadership

I led collaborative workshops that brought together experts from data science, business, and medical fields to redefine and enhance the user interface for our applications and associated games. These sessions were instrumental in integrating diverse perspectives into the design process, ensuring that our products not only met technical specifications but also delivered an intuitive and engaging user experience. We successfully revamped both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the app, making it more accessible and effective for users across various demographics.

Usability Engineering

In my role focusing on usability engineering, I helped ensure MDR compliance for the medical device by improving the usability documentation, which in turn, elevated the user experience.

Design System Development

I was involved in the creation of a comprehensive design system at Healios. This system has streamlined the team’s design processes and brought consistency across all products and platforms. My role involved soliciting feedback and implementing design inputs, which enhanced accessibility, engagement, and ease of use, thereby optimizing the user experience.

Adoption Campaigns

My work also extended to campaigns aimed at increasing adoption rates, which successfully improved user compliance with scheduled tests. These efforts demonstrate my commitment to enhancing product outcomes and user satisfaction.

Professional Development

I obtained a certificate in Usability Engineering for Medical Devices which has enhanced my ability to contribute effectively to the team’s goals of optimizing user experiences and streamlining design processes at Healios.

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Jose Blas

Expert in User Experience Design.

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