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Pod Video Production

As a producer of promotional videos, I had the opportunity to showcase my skills in motion animation and digital cinema production tools at the MWC in Las Vegas.

Using tools such as Final Cut Pro and Motion, I produced a set of captivating videos that were displayed on a stand at the event. In this post, I’ll provide a brief overview of my experience and the impact of my contributions to the event.

Final prototypes

At the beginning of the project, I worked with the team to identify the key messages and target audience for the videos. We aimed to create promotional videos that would captivate and engage attendees, showcase our products and services, and create a lasting impression.

I began by creating storyboards for each video, outlining the key visuals and messages for each segment. I then created a library of graphics and animations using Motion, which I used to bring the storyboards to life. I ensured that each video had a consistent and visually appealing look and feel, that would create a cohesive and memorable experience for viewers.

Once the videos were complete, I worked with the team to ensure that they were optimized for display on the stand at MWC. We tested the videos on a range of devices to ensure that they looked their best, and that they would be effective in capturing the attention of passers-by.

The videos were displayed on the stand at MWC, and they proved to be a major success. Attendees were captivated by the videos, and many stopped to ask questions about our products and services. The videos helped to create a lasting impression and set us apart from other exhibitors at the event.

My experience producing promotional videos for the MWC in Las Vegas was a challenging yet rewarding experience. It allowed me to showcase my skills in motion animation and digital cinema production tools such as Final Cut Pro and Motion. The videos proved to be a major success, capturing the attention of attendees and helping to promote our products and services.

Jose Blas

Expert in User Experience Design.

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