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In the world of digital marketing, cross-selling is a powerful strategy that can increase revenue and customer engagement.

To take this strategy to the next level, a new app was conceptualized that uses a workflow builder and clickstream technology to allow marketeers to create custom selling options based on users' behavior. Let’s take a closer look at how this app was conceived and brought to life through an interactive prototype.

Conceptualizing the App

The idea for this app began with a need for a more efficient and personalized approach to cross-selling. Traditional cross-selling methods often involve generic product suggestions based on a user’s purchase history or browsing behavior. However, this new app takes it a step further by allowing marketeers to create custom workflows that lead users to specific products or services based on their behavior.

The app’s concept involved using clickstream technology to track user behavior on a website or app and then creating workflows that lead the user to the most relevant products or services. This would involve a workflow builder that would allow marketeers to drag and drop different elements, such as triggers, actions, and conditions, to create customized workflows for different user segments.

Creating an Interactive Prototype

Once the app’s concept was finalized, it was time to bring it to life through an interactive prototype. The prototype was created using a combination of design tools and prototyping software. The prototype included all the app’s core features, such as the workflow builder, clickstream tracking, and custom selling options.

Final prototypes

The interactive prototype allowed us to test the app’s functionality and user experience before investing in development. The prototype was tested by marketeers and potential users to get feedback and identify any areas for improvement.


The conception of this new app for cross-selling services was an exciting project that leveraged cutting-edge technology to create a personalized selling experience. The use of clickstream technology and workflow builders allowed marketeers to create custom selling options based on users' behavior, which is a powerful tool for increasing revenue and customer engagement.

The creation of an interactive prototype was crucial in testing the app’s functionality and user experience before investing in development. By testing the app with marketeers and potential users, we were able to identify any areas for improvement and make necessary changes.

Overall, this app is an excellent example of how technology can be leveraged to create innovative solutions that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

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